Deep Dive – Functions, OOPs, Modules, Errors and Exceptions

Learning Objectives: In this Module, you will learn how to create generic python scripts, how to address errors/exceptions in code and finally how to extract/filter content using regex.

• Functions
• Function Parameters
• Global Variables
• Variable Scope and Returning Values
• Lambda Functions
• Object-Oriented Concepts
• Standard Libraries
• Modules Used in Python
• The Import Statements
• Module Search Path
• Package Installation Ways
• Errors and Exception Handling
• Handling Multiple Exceptions

Hands On/Demo:
• Functions – Syntax, Arguments, Keyword Arguments, Return Values
• Lambda – Features, Syntax, Options, Compared with the Functions
• Sorting – Sequences, Dictionaries, Limitations of Sorting
• Errors and Exceptions – Types of Issues, Remediation
• Packages and Module – Modules, Import Options, sys Path

• Error and Exception management in Python
• Working with functions in Python