DevOps Certification Training

DevOps Certification Training

Course Description

This DevOps Training helps you master Configuration Management, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Monitoring using DevOps tools – Git, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible and Nagios to automate multiple steps in SDLC.

Why this course ?

80% of Global Fortune 1000 organizations expected to adopt DevOps by 2019 – CA

Gartner Says By 2016, DevOps Will Evolve From a Niche to a Mainstream Strategy Employed by 25 Percent of Global 2000 Organizations

Average salary of DevOps Engineer is $110k ( Salary Data)


  • Overview of DevOps


    Why DevOps?
    What is DevOps?
    DevOps Market Trends
    DevOps Engineer Skills
    DevOps Delivery Pipeline
    DevOps Ecosystem

    Hands On:

    Edureka’s Use Case

  • Version Control with Git

    Learning Objective: In this module, you will gain the insights of the functionalities and version controlling using Git.


    What is version control?
    What is Git?
    Why Git for your organization?
    Install Git
    Common commands in Git
    Working with Remote Repositories

    Hands On:

    GIT Installation, Version Control, Working with remote repository

  • Git, Jenkins & Maven Integration

    Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about the different actions performed through Git and will be introduced to Jenkins and Maven.


    Branching and Merging in Git
    Git workflows
    Git cheat sheet
    What is CI?
    Why CI is Required?
    Introduction to Jenkins (With Architecture)
    Introduction to Maven

    Hands On:

    Branching and merging, Stashing, rebasing, reverting and resetting
    Build and automation of Test using Jenkins and Maven

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