Deep Dive – Functions and OOPs

Learning Objective: Learn about different types of Functions and various Object-Oriented concepts such as Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Overloading, Constructor, and so on.

• User-Defined Functions
• Concept of Return Statement
• Concept of __name__=” __main__”
• Function Parameters
• Different Types of Arguments
• Global Variables
• Global Keyword
• Variable Scope and Returning Values
• Lambda Functions
• Various Built-In Functions
• Introduction to Object-Oriented Concepts
• Built-In Class Attributes
• Public, Protected and Private Attributes, and Methods
• Class Variable and Instance Variable
• Constructor and Destructor
• Decorator in Python
• Core Object-Oriented Principles
• Inheritance and Its Types
• Method Resolution Order
• Overloading
• Overriding
• Getter and Setter Methods
• Inheritance-In-Class Case Study
• Functions – Syntax, Arguments, Keyword Arguments, and Return Values
• Lambda – Features, Syntax, Options
• Built-In Functions
• Python Object-Oriented Concepts Applications
• Python Object-Oriented Core Principles and Its Applications
• Inheritance Case Study