Automating Infrastructure With CloudFormation

Learning Objectives: In this module, you will be introduced to important aspects of CloudFormation. Along with it, you will also learn how to use CloudFormation Templates to model and provision the AWS resources in an automated and secure manner for your application.

• Introduction to CloudFormation
• CloudFormation Template
• Intrinsic Functions & Conditions
• Stack Creation
• Advanced CloudFormation Concepts – CloudFormation Nesting, CloudFormation Wait Conditions & Wait Condition Handlers, CloudFormation Helper Scripts, CloudFormation Custom Resources
• CloudFormation Stack Updates
• CloudFormation Resource Deletion Policy
• CloudFormation Best Practices
• Troubleshooting

• Creating an S3 Bucket using CloudFormation by Hardcoding the Name
• Creating an S3 Bucket using Intrinsic Function (Join And Ref)
• Creating and Configuring EC2 Instance using Helper Scripts
• Creating a Custom Resource with the help of Lambda Function